Yekra product design



Head of product & Design



Disciplines: Brand identity, User Experience, Visual/UI design, Information architecture, Strategy


01 Overview

Yekra is a groundbreaking digital distribution platform that connects audiences with films to fit their tastes, moods, and values, featuring everything from blockbusters to niche gems.

I served as Head of Product & Design for three years (2012-2015), from its operation out of a condo in the Valley to a $10 million start-up in LA's Arts District.  As the lead for design and development of all products and platform, I worked on all major strategic initiatives for branding, business development, and product strategy, as well as the hands-on production of UX/UI designs, prototypes, and wireframes.


02 Design project

Team: Digital Telepathy

During my time at Yekra, I managed a complete revamp of the streaming platform. The core of the original platform was a traveling video player with tools for filmmakers and gathering affiliates. I led the design and partial build of a new streaming platform focused on audiences as the key stakeholder with our design agency Digital Telepathy. The scope covered concept to wireframes, prototype, and full interface design. The goal was to offer a quality selection of alternative titles while solving the issues of discovery and browse fatigue. We also went through a complete redesign of the brand.

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 9.13.24 AM.png

I went on to design a mobile app to be used by Yekra community to watch films, browse new titles, make purchases, and join a film-loving community that engenders conversation and action around individual themes and causes.