EEL (2015)

Co-producer, Co-director, Co-editor, Art Direction & Styling

Controversial filmmaker Haytham Bisherat—obsessed with the legacy of his work—invites novelist Charles Amundsen to watch and chronicle his latest experiment. Haytham has imprisoned his cast in an isolated modernist compound in the desert. As they plumb the depths of their characters’ weaknesses and neuroses, Haytham’s sadistic manipulations quickly spiral out of control, and Charles finds quickly that there are no observers: only collaborators. Before he can stop it, he's become a captive of the film, subject to his director's monstrous ego. Soon even Haytham himself is sucked into the vortex of the movie—a victim of his own demons—as they hurtle toward a collective nervous breakdown.

He's designed it to fail. But there's no guarantee it will.

Releasing 2016. 

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