Blessing Yen is a filmmaker, photographer, and designer based in Los Angeles. She has a background in finance and economics for some reason, if that ever becomes necessary.


After leaving advertising, Blessing embarked on new a career in film. She comprises one half of the filmmaking duo Monster Meanman Films with her partner James Kaelan. 

Blessing co-produced, co-directed, and co-edited her first feature, EEL, with James in 2012. A modern allegory about suffering for art, the fragility of identity, and the struggle to define one's legacy, EEL imposes a revitalized formalism on microbudget cinema while simultaneously undermining its aesthetic rigidity with stunningly wild, raw acting. EEL had its world premiere at the American Film Festival in Wrocław, Poland, and its US premiere in the Independent Visions competition at the Sarasota Film Festival. It is currently making its way through the 2015 festival circuit.

Blessing has worked in production, styling, and the art department on a number of other shorts, features, and series, and is currently working on her second feature together with James as Monster Meanman Films.



Blessing is the creative director behind BRIGHT IDEAS Magazine, the official magazine of the Sundance institute. BRIGHT IDEAS is a print semiannual dedicated to the young geniuses and old troublemakers of cinema. Driven by bold design, narrative photography, incisive journalism, and experimental essays, BRIGHT IDEAS reports on the most forward-thinking contemporary moving pictures, and strives to shape the cultural conversation about truly independent film. The magazine is distributed at every major North American film festival, the Ace, MOMA, and other choice retailers and newsstands around the US.

Blessing was the Head of Product & Design of the groundbreaking independent film distribution platform Yekra for three years (2012-2015), from its operation out of a condo in the Valley to a $10 million start-up in LA's Arts District.  As the lead for design and development of all products and platform, she worked on all major strategic initiatives for branding, business development, and product strategy, as well as the hands-on production of UX/UI designs, prototypes, and wireframes. 

Blessing is now the Chief Creative Officer of Seed&Spark, an end-to-end film ecosystem dedicated to building a sustainable creative class and empowering diverse voices.